Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Sharing my point on Avis Assist

I almost never post rants and raves, but I cannot stop the urge to post this one.

I want to shout Avis Assist SUCKS, and this is keeping my French for a later time!

They should be ashamed to provide this as a service, let alone request you to pay for it. It is mind-boggling even you give it as a complimentary service...

Avis Assist fails to find the direction you are traveling, takes about 3 "reroute" commands to get it right.
Avis Assist has outdated road information, it tells you to make a left where there is an elevated median.
Avis Assist looses connectivity, you get disconnected in the middle of Manhattan.
Avis Assist does not have a map, just points out the direction you need to go, and gives the mileage. If there are 4 exits close to each other, go figure...

I am glad, I am not the only one that shares this opinion.
Here is Scott Van Vliet, sharing my pain...

They did take the charges back from my bill, but still, it SUCKS. It is not the charge, but the disappointment, and sorror of not having my "Microsoft Streets & Trips" CD's with me... I drove about 5000 miles up and down the East Coast using that, and did not get lost once, let alone get notified about road works and alternative routes, finding nearby hotels and restaurants, and doing it all OFFLINE.

I will NEVER trust to Avis Assist, and keep my Streets and Trips CD's with me all the time, in my laptop case...


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