Thursday, May 26, 2016

IE 11, jQuery, KB 3154070 iFrames Issue

If you happen to have customers rolling out IE 11, and having issues loading the IFrames, especially with jQuery after installing the security patch, I share your pain...

The solution for now is to reload your iframe.

Here is a quick workaround for you :

  $(this).attr("src", $(this).attr("src"))

I hope it helps

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Configuring SharePoint 2010 services with PowerShell (and without the GUIDs in the database names)

Did you wonder how to configure sharepoint services with powershell?
Did you wonder how to provision sharepoint services without the guids in the database names?

Well, a lot of people does :)

Greetings goes to Todd Carter, who shared the long powershell script in his blog

Duray Akar

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Watch out for dispose issue in the snippets for Visual Web Parts

The code snippet below has an issue that you need to watch out...
The dispose guidelines have NOT changed in SP2010, so you have to be careful:

protected void Page_Load(object sender, EventArgs e)
SPWeb thisWeb = null;
TreeNode node;
thisWeb = SPContext.Current.Web;
//Add the Web's title as the display text for the tree node, and add the URL as the NavigateUri
node = new TreeNode(thisWeb.Title, null, null, thisWeb.Url, "_self");
//The Visual Web Part has a treeview control called siteStructure
//Get a reference to the current node, so child nodes can be added in the correct position
TreeNode parentNode = node;
//Iterate through the Lists collection of the Web
foreach (SPList list in thisWeb.Lists)
if (!list.Hidden)
node = new TreeNode(list.Title, null, null, list.DefaultViewUrl, "_self");
foreach (SPWeb childWeb in thisWeb.Webs)
//Call our own helper function for adding each child Web to the tree
addWebs(childWeb, parentNode);
// have to dispose those
// you should use a try finally block to trap exceptions,
// but at least do:


// you should not dispose the web that you got from the context
// note that this finally block is obsolete now


Update: These issues have been fixed thanks to Paul Andrew.

Developer Readiness for SharePoint 2010

10 modules to get ready to develop on SharePoint 2010...

It is a work in progress, and the virtual labs are not there yet.

If you want to set up your development environment, you should check Setting Up the Development Environment for SharePoint Server, which is also preliminary and is subject to change. Who is not subject to a change nowadays :)

Happy SharePointing...

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Hello SP2010


Re-igniting (:)) my blog for 2010...
As I go deeper into SP2010, I will share my findings here.
Since I keep my expectations high, I somewhat expect to be disappointed to a certain degree.
But will keep my comments on the constructive side.

Happy SharePointing...

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Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Sharing my point on Avis Assist

I almost never post rants and raves, but I cannot stop the urge to post this one.

I want to shout Avis Assist SUCKS, and this is keeping my French for a later time!

They should be ashamed to provide this as a service, let alone request you to pay for it. It is mind-boggling even you give it as a complimentary service...

Avis Assist fails to find the direction you are traveling, takes about 3 "reroute" commands to get it right.
Avis Assist has outdated road information, it tells you to make a left where there is an elevated median.
Avis Assist looses connectivity, you get disconnected in the middle of Manhattan.
Avis Assist does not have a map, just points out the direction you need to go, and gives the mileage. If there are 4 exits close to each other, go figure...

I am glad, I am not the only one that shares this opinion.
Here is Scott Van Vliet, sharing my pain...

They did take the charges back from my bill, but still, it SUCKS. It is not the charge, but the disappointment, and sorror of not having my "Microsoft Streets & Trips" CD's with me... I drove about 5000 miles up and down the East Coast using that, and did not get lost once, let alone get notified about road works and alternative routes, finding nearby hotels and restaurants, and doing it all OFFLINE.

I will NEVER trust to Avis Assist, and keep my Streets and Trips CD's with me all the time, in my laptop case...

Monday, August 28, 2006

Using Business Data Catalog in Sharepoint 2007 at Jacksonville Code Camp

I presented this topic @ JAX Code Camp, find the details in the link below

Using Business Data Catalog in Sharepoint 2007 at Jacksonville Code Camp

I won the Coolest Code Award !

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Jax Code Camp 2006 August 26th

Jax Code Camp 2006 August 26th is coming up. Different then other code camps, this one will have different tracks. Click here to get more information about the tracks from Vinay Ahuja.

And I will be presenting a SharePoint session, namely Business Data Catalog, thanks to Stacy Draper, Andrew Connell and Vinay Ahuja.

Check the agenda here. You may find very interesting sessions for yourself!


Thursday, June 08, 2006

Sharepoint 123 Session 100

We did the first sesion last weekend, and it went well, except for some timing issues...
Apparently 3 hours is not going to cut it for a separate seminar + HOL, even 3 hours is a pretty long time...

Stacy and I are planning the 200 session to be a "blended" one, at the same location...

But we got some good reviews from the audience, and Stacy has an interesting point of view. :)