Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Microsoft CRM 3.0

I attended a CIO technical event in Ft Lauderdale, and learned about the new version of Microsoft CRM.

It has gone far beyond since version 1.2.

I am exploring my options on how to get it implemented in my work place...
hopefully it would integrate a lot of separate pieces that we have, and become the boiler plate for all the applications we use. We are a "service oriented" company, so we should fit well in the target market for the product.

10 things that I like most about it is:

1) Integrated into Outlook
2) Actually looks and feels like OUTLOOK, not like a monster living in there
3) Has online / offline as well as mobile capabilities, thanks to Outlook
4) Utilizes SQL Reporting Services
5) Has a SQL Server back-end, UNLIKE Outlook
6) Can import/export data from your existing CRM systems
7) Can host your existing .Net assemblies
8) Has a REALLY VERY SIMPLE and at the same time FLEXIBLE workflow implementation
10) Integrates with Sharepoint

Things that I did NOT like about it :

1) Try to get a pricing ! I mean how complicated can that be? Is it worth NOT publishing the price online? Is it even more complicated than SQL server pricing ? :)
2) Demo labs are 30 minutes. It takes 5 minutes to setup the environment, so you got a FULL 25 MINUTES to play with it :)

MSDN and TechNET labs are 90 minutes, so why this one wouldn't be ? I don't know.

Hopefully I will learn a lot more know about it shortly.


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